Thursday, January 20, 2011

The World Traveler

So, my job requires quite a bit of travel and over the past few years the amount of international travel I have to do has increased significantly. Now, don't get me wrong, I love being in the places I travel to, but I really hate the process of getting to and from there. I've written previously about my packing issues, so let's start with getting to the airport itself. Usually I have to drive to work, park and then take a taxi to the airport. This adds another 25 min or so to the overall "arrival timetable" that I try to work out in my head. I spend the whole day thinking about what time I have to leave my house and while I think of myself as a relatively intelligent person, I instantly become an idiot unable to determine how long it will take me to do the things I need to do before I am ready to leave. How long will it take me to empty the litter box? How long will it take me to take my suitcase to the car? How long will it take me to shower and blow dry my hair? Things I do on a regular basis are things that I'm unable to predict on the day I need to go anywhere. Inevitably I usually get to the airport way too early and then I just have time to burn. No, scratch that, I spend that time regretting how much I packed in my carry on bag as I walk around and feel an ache in my back that will reach an unbearable degree of pain by the time I'm ready to board the flight. The flight itself usually becomes a blur of Tylenol PM, dim lighting and trying to avoid getting my knee knocked off by the cart driving through the aisle. Oh and I always bring my own headphones for fear that they will give us earbuds that people with hearing aids like myself can't use. However, when you fall asleep with the recording studio headphones on that I bring with me, it makes for a fantastic feeling when you wake up and you feel like you might have actually dented the outside of your ear permanently. Oh and that magical feeling when you arrive and make your way down to the baggage claim. I always have a pit in my stomach due to the fear that my luggage will be lost and I will have to find clothes that can fit my, well how do I put this delicately, not so slim figure into when I'm in a place like Europe where you are considered "plus size" when you wear anything beyond a size 4. Should I pack an extra outfit in my carry on? Sure, but who has room after I jam all the other "necessities" I determine I can't live without for the week. Honestly, when I finally make it to my destination, I'm always amazed at all the things I'm convinced I'll need, some of which I never even use at home so why the hell do I think i'm going to need them overseas? If you run into me in the U.S., I usually have myself pretty well together and have my make up done and my hair in place. When I'm overseas I'm simply a hot mess. I feel like my make up falls off, my hair develops a life of it's own and frumpy is an understatement when I think about my clothing in comparison to the people around me who have it all together. On my way home it all starts over again and until I'm back in my comfy bed with my kitty in her place down by my feet, I don't totally feel like myself. However, I have to say that I consider myself really lucky that I have a job that literally takes me around the world. I meet amazing people, I have unbelievable adventures and when I look back at the pictures of what I've done and where I've been, I always smile and start packing for the next trip with anxious anticipation...

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