Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Some Funny Stuff I Observed This Week

I really like to take in my surroundings not only because it helps me to appreciate the things around me, but also because crazy s%$t happens all the time and I don't want to miss a thing. Here are a few of the gems I came across this week:

  • While travelling to see my friends in NC this weekend, there was definitely a questionable he/she sitting in front of me. He/She was dressed to the nines but had some masculine features and when he/she spoke, it sounded like Lou Rawls. Oddly enough, he/she was also on my flight on the way home and I still hadn't made up my mind on the gender of my fellow passenger by the end of the journey. I guess I'll never know.

  • He/She's family was travelling with him/her and they had clearly never been on a flight where they could watch tv. So, even as a hearing impaired person I can tell you that I have never heard people speak so loudly to each other because they didn't think to take their headphones off when they wanted to chat. Awesome, we are all so thankful for the extra entertainment you provided.

  • While working out at the gym last night I looked over at a very cute guy running away on the treadmill. I could hear my mother echoing "he's a cutie!" in my head. As I stole another glance, I noticed that he was watching the Home Shopping Network while he was running. A mistake? Nope, when I looked 15 minutes later, still watching with headphones plugged in and really considering the 10 piece cookware set on sale. While I can appreciate a good shopper, it took away from his appeal for me. Plus, i'm more of a QVC girl.

  • Perhaps just in an effort to annoy me even more, my neighbors seem to like to take an extra day to take in their trash barrels after they are emptied. Are they far away from the house? no. Are they super heavy? no. Are my neighbors physically injured or handicapped in any way? no. Just to put this into perspective, these barrells are right next to where they park their car so they have to go PAST the barrels just to get to their car EVERY DAY. So it's a conscious choice, how annoying.

So, as the name of my blog indicates, you really can't take things too seriously. Just take a moment every day to stop and look around and you will find something funny or curious happening around you.


  1. I love the dog picture, I want S/He to have their own show on Bravo, I hate your neighbors....let's do something to their barrels

  2. Something funny that I observed during Nat's visit to NC. I'm making coffee, Nat is making a bowl of cereal. I notice that there's no more sugar in the sugar dispenser. I say, "gotta get more sugar." Natalie says, "there's sugar right here" as she takes a bite of her cereal that she has sprinkled sugar on. I say, "that's Kosher salt." Natalie proceeds to not enjoy her big bite of cereal.