Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Road Rage

Nope, did NOT take this picture, but it's funny!!!
So, I thought I could take care of a quick appointment this morning and planned to zip up and back and not take too much time out of my day. Well, who knew that there was a massive pothole that had erupted on the road, which was patched, and then opened up again overnight EXACTLY where I needed to drive to. Unsuspecting me hops in the car and sits in the worst traffic EVER!!! There is nothing more infuriating than traffic, especially when it's hot. I feel out of control, I get overheated and start looking at my car's instrument panel waiting for it to self destruct or something. I look around my car and wonder what I could eat if I needed to survive for three more days in my car. How long would that packet of ketchup keep me alive? Wait, do I still have that granola bar in my trunk? I always think I'm going to run out of gas and, worst of all, I lose the will to live. I finally thought I had made it through as I made my way back into the city and as I rounded the corner to get to my office, the friggin' bridge goes up so a slow as molasses boat could float by at a snail's pace. Awesome, I was ready to climb out of my car and jump off the bridge. However, it's very muggy out today so I stayed inside with my AC blasting. Just another day in paradise.

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