Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Is It Just Me?

Why do I always get stuck behind the slowest walkers? Anyone who knows me also knows that I'm not exactly a speed demon myself so if I think someone is slow, they are S-L-O-W!!! Today I was stuck behind a woman as I went to grab lunch who had clearly made a poor choice in footwear and was struggling to stand up let alone walk. But did she let people go by her who were clearly going at a faster clip? NOPE! Did she allow for any space to her left or right in case someone wanted to make a break for it? NOPE! As a slow walker myself, I am sensisitive to the fact that those around me may wish to pass by. That's why they have the standing and the walking lanes on the moving walkways. This doesn't just happen to me when I'm walking behind them, it also happens to me when I'm driving. I stop at a bunch of crosswalks on my way to and from work each day and I let people walk across the street, HOWEVER, would it kill some of them to move it along a little faster? Now, I give a pass to the elderly and the handicapped, but the fully functioning and non-arthritic people out there who are STILL taking forever have got to cut it out. They chat away with their friends, they do a little dance, they even look right at me sometimes as they mosey along without a care in the world. What I would like to say is: "Hey there, it turns out I have somewhere to go which is why I'm in my CAR waiting for you to stop being an obstruction on the road!" Also, lady in the lunchroom "I'm sorry you wanted to wear your 'cute' shoes so badly that now you are suffering the consequences, but that was your choice and not mine and I don't have all day here for you to wobble to and fro!"
But I say none of these things, I just let them go at their own pace and deal with it. If only they knew the rage I was suppressing inside! Luckily for them I also have a short term memory loss problem so I quickly forget what I was so pissed about...


  1. I completely understand. As a fellow slow walker I am totally aware that I am a potential annoyance to speedier folk therefore I pay some mind and step aside and keep out of the way of others.
    My sister tells me all the time that if I were to walk any slower, I would move backwards. Its not due to wearing sexy Louboutin or Manolo stiletoes. I am built for comfort not speed :)
    Loving the blog Nat ~ Thanks

  2. Try being a New Englander living in the South. My favorite is families that walk 4 abreast on a sidewalk leaving no room for walkers going the opposite way, much less a passing lane!

  3. Nat - kind of hilarious! Can see you shaking your fist at these ppl clogging up the walkway/roadway now!

  4. Oh, what Stacey said! People are SLOW in the south. I remember during my first trip to Kmart at college in Williamsburg, VA - I had never, ever seen such a slow checker. It totally blew my blue-blood mind. And it is echoed in the walking, the driving, the talking... it's a good part of why I'm slowly trying to migrate my way north again!